We had 2 Tournaments on the same weekend this July so we decided to give all of our summer camp participants the chance to play in one of the tournaments of their choosing

Placing –


Bronze Draw –

Ezra Olmedo – 1st                               Rose Silvas – 3rd


Mens B Draw Doubles –

Andrew Vega and Patrick Fenner – 3rd


Mens D Draw Singles –

Christian Banez – 1st                            AJ Trevino – Cons


Mens E Draw Singles –

Sean Pelayo – 2nd                              Patrick Fenner – 3rd


Womens Gold Draw –

Mischa Luis – 2nd


Womens Silver Draw –

Francheska Laguna – 3rd                  Mickey Chen – Cons


Grand Prix

Girls 14s –

Michelle Murillo – 2nd