On Saturday, February 1st our kids were transported to the TAMU-CC Campus to watch the Islander Men’s Team versus the “Ragin Cajuns” of the University of Louisiana – Lafayette.  Even though the Islanders lost a tough match to the “Ragin Cajuns” they had a great time rooting for the Islanders, participating in a prize court, and having some pizza.

On Tuesday, February 4th, the Texas A&M Men’s and Women’s Tennis Teams conducted a tennis clinic for the kids in the Tennis Success program.  Thanks to all the team members along with Coach Steve Moore for taking the time to work with our kids.  Who all had fun hitting with the Islanders and enjoyed the inspirational talk from Coach Moore at the end of the session.  He told all the kids “to always believe in yourselves and to never, never give up.  Love the battle, respect your opponents and be good sports”.  


Thank you Islander Men’s and Women’s teams and Coach Steve Moore for taking time to work with our kids.  Much appreciated.